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RESTrick Control Panel: New tab

When you are right-click mouse button on the Desktop or in the Explorer there are special menu "New" that allows you create a new document. The list of the documents may vary and you can manage this list with this tab. You can do the following:

  • Hide a document in the list - unmark checkbox in the list.
  • Rename title of a new document that are visible in the list - highlight a title, press F2 on the keyboard and enter new string.
  • Edit a document - double-click a title for the dialog with details. There are three options how you can create a new file - system can create an empty file with this type; system can use a template for the creation of a file (in the picture above you can see that Excel uses preformated "excel9.xls" file for a such template); or you can specify content for a new file on the line.

    Each time you create new document you can specify to run an application that responds for the creation of this document. It is usually used by wizards such as it does Microsoft office.

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