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RSHUT Pro - Universal Tool for Remote Computer Management
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The most computers today support power management allowing turn off and turn on computer with software. More and more computers joined into local networks or connected to the Internet. Many of them consist of integrated network hardware that provide capability to be waked up over network (Wake-On-LAN technology).

And we meet with necessary to use this superior functionality in software that can utilize all the features.

RSHUT Pro Screenshot

RSHUT Pro is the software solution that uses all this power being able to automate typical shutdown processes, saving your time and make this work for you. It can work with your local or any number of remote computers running any Windows version.

RSHUT PRO can do your daily job concerning computer power management.

Use this to shutdown and reboot, hibernate and wake up your local or remote computers over network or Internet instantly or on schedule.

That is just a small list of actions you can do with RSHUT Pro. Do just from one server seat - no necessity to walk from one computer to another making similiar and boring operations.

You can use this powerful tool in your network for remote computer power management.

Furthermore, RSHUT Pro includes built-in scheduler that can do all necessary actions automatically in a specified time or day of week. Any shutdown action can be delayed with a timeout within that the action can be optionally cancelled.

RSHUT Pro can do many other actions such as eject/close CD/DVD-ROM(s) (to close open CD/DVD-ROM's tray can also be the part of shutdown process), execute a program or a batch file, set monitor state to power save mode, start or stop screen saver, log off or lock, hibernate and suspend computers.

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