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Can I power off remote computers?
Yes, you can. But before you need to install RSHUT PRO Client on the remote computers.

Why hibernate option does not work on Windows 98 system?
Hibernation is a feature appeared with Windows 2000 and higher.

Why Power Off command works as Logoff in Win98?
Use Shutdown command instead.

Will RSHUT PRO works if computer is not logged on?
Yes, it will. RSHUT Pro run as a service with Windows startup.

I receive error when send Hibernate command to remote PC with Windows 98.
Select 'Use Power off if Hibernate/Suspend not available' option to resolve this problem.

I run RSHUT PRO from a batch file but it displays confirmation messages. Can I hide them?
Use /quiet option: RshutPro.exe /start:"Computer1,Computer2" /quiet

RSHUT PRO does not works because of installed firewall. What port RSHUT Pro uses?
RSHUT PRO uses UDP port 5005. You can change this port (if necessary) under the following registry value:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOftware\RSHUT Pro\options\UDP_port

Does RSHUT PRO work in Wi-Fi network?
Yes, RSHUT PRO can works in Wi-Fi wireless networks.

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