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How to set up RSHUT PRO to shutdown my system everyday at 6pm, and then power on at 6am.
  1. Click 'Advanced' button, enable check mark near 'Everyday', set time to '18:00' and select action 'Power Off'. Set second action for 'Everyday' to 'Wake On LAN' at '06:00'. Click OK.
  2. Set required "Action timeout" on the main window. This is value (set in seconds or in "hour:minute" form) to use it as timeout before action execution. You can also set it to zero value to prevent action execution prompt.
  3. In the field 'Computers' enter computer names where you want to execute the action. You also can specify special name 'My computer' to specify your local computer.

The instructions above are for personal and network version of RSHUT PRO. Corporate version has another settings to shedule actions, demo mode you can see in 'Advanced' dialog by clicking 'Corporate license demo' button.

How to execute some RSHUT PRO command at once?
You can create a simple DOS bath file with extention ".bat" like this:

rshutpro.exe /suspend:"PC1,PC2,PC3"
rshutpro.exe /monitor:off /start:"PC4,PC5"

Thic command file will suspend computers PC1, PC2, PC3 and turned off monitor on PC4, PC5.

Can I increase action timeout on already running action?
Use positive sign for the timeout parameter on the command line like this:

rshutpro.exe /poweroff:"PC1,PC2" /timeout:+0:10

This example increase timeout delay by 10 minutes for the action 'Poweroff' running on computers PC1 and PC2.

How can I shutdown PC when it idle for 10 minutes?
Enable 'Do action if CPU usage less than XX% for YY min' option. Set XX - to some low value (10-20%) and YY to 10 (minutes).

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