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Menu is accessible either with right mouse click on the icon in system tray or from the main window with the button 'Menu'. The following commands are available in menu:


  • 'Hide the window' - hides RSHUT PRO window to the system tray. Click on the icon to display RSHUT PRO later.
  • 'Start' - start selected action for computers listed in RSHUT PRO.
  • 'Stop' - stop any queued actions on the computers listed in RSHUT PRO.
  • 'This computer now..' - opens list on actions to quickly shutdown local computer.

  • 'Extras' open sub-menu whth the command available:

      Extra Menu

    • 'CD-ROM' - close or eject required CD/DVD-drive in the system (or all if more than one is presented in system).
    • 'Monitor' - turn off monitor or set it to low power state. Also you can start a screensaver installed in the system or specify to start it randomly.
    • 'Process' - list all processes running in the system and command to 'Kill' any process.

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