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RSHUT PRO can be quickly deployed in your network without necessity to walk to PCs installing each computer manually.

To enable this option you should turn on option "Remote deployment" in setup and enter comma separated computer(s) list where you want to remotely install RSHUT PRO. Use computer browse button near edit box to add a computer from your network to this list.

Remote installation setup

Computers list using IP ranges

Instead of computer names you also can specify IP ranges using the following syntax: This string entered in computers list edit box means that you want install RSHUT PRO on all computers with IP addresses from to The last IP can also have greater numbers in first three positions, not only the last fourth index. In addition you can specify exclusion IP range(s) to this. Example: means that you specify range of computers by IPs that are and Multiple exclusion ranges can be specified too (use additional /xx.xx...). You can also specify single exclusion IP:


RSHUT PRO uses "Remote Registry" service on remote PC to perform remote installation. RSHUT PRO tries remotely start and connect remote registry with current user rights in your network. If RSHUT unable to do it you are prompted with message:

Unable connect remote registry message

On remote Windows NT/2k/XP RSHUT PRO tries automatically start "Remote Registry" service, on Windows 9x/ME you can only manually install and enable this service.

    How to install "Remote Registry" in Windows 98:

  1. In the Network option in Control Panel, click Add.
  2. In the Select Network Component Type dialog box, double-click Service.
  3. In the Select Network Service dialog box, click the Have Disk button.
  4. In the Install From Disk dialog box, type the path to the ADMIN\NETTOOLS\REMOTREG directory on the Windows 95 compact disc, and then click OK.
  5. In the Install From Disk dialog box, click OK.
  6. In the Select Network Service dialog box, click Microsoft Remote Registry, and then click OK.

Installation folders

By default RSHUT PRO offers as installation folder "%ProgramFiles%\RSHUT Pro" folder. RSHUT PRO search where on remote computer is default "Program Files" folder (using Remote Registry) and automatically gets know where to install. You also can use another path (even without %ProgramFiles% pattern) if necessary.

Furthermore, RSHUT PRO automatically detects local drives where it copies installation files and folders, creates menus and desktop shortcuts. For this it uses "administrative shares" - these are hidden shares with names like "C$", "D$", ... etc. The names of these shares are based on local drive letters on remote computers. These hidden shares may be disabled on computers in your network and if RSHUT PRO can't automatically find these it offers you to enable it temporarily (directly from setup) to continue the installation.

Inaccessible installation folder

If you confirm - RSHUT PRO remotely enables administrative shares on computers where you have selected to install RSHUT PRO (as soon as installation will be finished - RSHUT PRO will restore previous state of adminstrative shares on all changed computers) and automatically reboots them (it is necessary step in order to get them available). In case any of these operations cannot be performed you will be informed with a special message.

Note: You can enable or disable administarive shares on remote computers using "AutoShare_Enable.reg" and "AutoShare_Disable.reg" files from setup's folder "Support".

Alternatively you can install RSHUT PRO via any other share on remote PC (other than administrative shares). Use the corresponding browse button to select share or enter path manually. In this case RSHUT PRO will not create any shortcut's in Start menu or on Desktop but the program will be installed correctly.

Installation type

By default setup offer you install RSHUT PRO as a client on remote computers without password and enable autorun at Windows start. You can change these settings on your decision while setup.

If you have RSHUT PRO license it can be automatically copied and registered on each PC.

To do this - unzip RSHUT PRO distribution package to a temporary folder and copy appropriate license to the installation folder "License" (if you have RSHUT PRO as EXE-file - copy license(s) in the same folder where from you run this installation file) and RSHUT PRO will automatically copy necessary license (depend on installation type: when you install clients - it copies only client's license, when installing servers - it copies server's license).

Installation log

While installing RSHUT PRO on remote computers it automatically creates local installation log file that you can see after the installation. Also on each remote PC installation creates its own installation log file where listed all files, folders, shortcuts and actions made during installation on that computer.

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