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Server options
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RSHUT PRO Server options dialog

The following options available for RSHUT PRO Server or RSHUT PRO Personal:

  • 'Accept remote commands' - whether should the server accept commands from RSHUT PRO Server or not. Enable this option if RSHUT PRO will execute actions sent from remote RSHUT PRO Server.

    • Additional option 'Prompt for incoming commands' can be used to display prompt for each incoming action from RSHUT PRO Server for some time. By default the action will be executed if has not been cancelled within this time.

      Action execution request on RSHUT PRO Client

  • 'Use password' - setup password for RSHUT PRO Server that will be used for remote communication with RSHUT PRO Clients that should be installed with the same password otherwise RSHUT PRO Client will deny action execution.

  • 'Disallow actions' - select list of actions that will be disabled for execution if necessary.

  • 'Use Power Off if Hibernate/Suspend not available' - RSHUT PRO will try to execute 'Power Off' instead of 'Hibernate' or 'Suspend' if not supported by current PC.

  • 'Use broadcast Wake-On-LAN packets' - send Wake-On-LAN packets and broadcast it in destination sub-network. This option is used when destination PC is located behind firewall or router and Wake-On-LAN does not work correctly. Enter subnet mask of remote PCs here in this case (typically but may differ depend on your network class or Virtual-LAN usage, consult your network administrator)

  • 'Use native remote reboot/shutdown WinNT commands' - Windows NT and above has built-in functions for remote shutdown or reboot computer in domain. Enable this option to use these system functions for commands 'Reboot' and 'Shutdown' instead of the action in RSHUT PRO Client.

  • 'No requests/informs for MAC address on startup' - enable this option if you plan to use Wake-On-LAN. When enabled each RSHUT PRO send RSHUT PRO Server it's MAC address required to perform Wake-On-LAN command. Alternatively you can manually enter MAC address of a PC using command line options. This option is always enabled in trial version.

  • 'Don't use mailslots for remote commands in LAN (only UDP)' - RSHUT PRO uses both UDP based packets and Mailslot datagrams to send remote commands for RSHUT PRO Client. You can turn off this opiton if your network is TCP/IP based. (Maislot datagrams works in Microsoft's networks and useful when there are no installed TCP/IP protocols on the computers in LAN).

  • 'Thread priority' - RSHUT PRO can communicate many RSHUT PRO Clients simultaneously using threads (thread is a part of program that executes at the same time as the program). If you feel RSHUT PRO slow down PC set it lower threads priority.

Shutdown options

These options works when PC is shutting down with 'Shutdown', 'Power Off' of 'Reboot' command.

  • 'Set display state to' - set monitor to power saving mode using 'Low power' and 'Shut off' command.

  • 'Close CD-ROM tray(s)' - close trays for all available CD/DVD-ROM(s) in system.

  • 'Open CD-ROM tray(s) when a disk inside' - eject any CD/DVD-ROM if a CD/DVD disk inside. The option could be useful to find lost disk when all PCs a powered off.

  • 'Emulate ENTER keypress in a loop' - on shutdown some applications can pop-up with a dialog (like 'save as..', 'confirm exit', etc.) and the system will freeze until you will press ENTER on OK/CANCEL button. This option can work around this problem sending ENTER key to the system keyboard (repeatedly, with a delay) so looks like user presses this key to confirm message box.

    • 'Emulate RIGHT key keypress in a loop' - this option works similiar like as previous but emulates RIGHT key press (it repeats with a delay). Typically can be useful for Windows 95/98 to avoid system dialog 'Wait-End-Cancel'.

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