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Action execution
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Action execution
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Each action started with non-zero timeout bring up a small window on destination PC with countdown timer.

Action execution window

The following information is also displayed:

  • 'Initiator' and 'From' displays user name and computer name the action is initiated from. Optional small text message can be send along with action. (If action is 'Execute' a command to execute send instead of message).

  • The button 'Yes' begins the action execution immediately regardless countdown timer. To prevent casual press of this button it is enabled after two seconds as window appears. The button 'No' is used to cancel action execution (is not available on RSHUT PRO Client).

  • 'Reason of event' displays cause that start action (scheduled event, hot-key pressed, manual start, remote command from server, etc.). If action started with schedule record or by hot-key press - appears 'Disable' button that can be used to disable issue of this event later.

Execution Order

When RSHUT PRO Server send action to several computers including the Server itself, the action will be executed on Clients first, after that it will be run on Server. There is no execution order for RSHUT PRO Clients, action is send to them simultaneously.

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