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  • You can run RSHUT PRO from a batch file with a command line parameters if necessary. Read more on command line options.

  • When starting with Windows NT/2000/XP RSHUT PRO starts as a service and can be managed like any others services on PC. So you can start and stop it on local PC or from remote computer (with NET START, NET STOP commands, see NET /? For the details).

  • The only one instance of RSHUT PRO can be running at a moment (except when RSHUT PRO is run with command line options to execute an action). Minimizing RSHUT PRO will hide it to the icon in the system tray where from you always can bring it up or select required command from the menu that you can reach by right-click mouse over this icon.

  • Note that the button "OK" will exits the program if you have not selected option to do action in specified time on the main window, otherwise "OK" button will work as minimize window command.

  • RSHUT PRO show animated icon in the system tray when it executes an action. Right click the icon to bring up menu where you can select commands available for current moment, exit program or terminate all executing commands.

  • RSHUT PRO Server remembers IP-addresses and MAC-addresses of all RSHUT PRO Clients and Servers in network it had seen. First time you install and run RSHUT PRO in your network it sends broadcast packets over the network to request appropriate addresses from PCs.

  • You can automate installation of RSHUT PRO. Extract setup files and setup it on your PC first time as RSHUT PRO Client. After installation note that in the directory appear file "registry.dup". Copy this setup folder with this "registry.dup" to remote PC and run "setup.exe /zak" command. It will install RSHUT PRO Client without any confirmation window (non-interactive mode) with the same options as you have used on your PC. For additional options look at "zak.ini" file in setup folder - more configuration options is avialable here.

  • You can translate RSHUT PRO messages into your language. For details see on sample localization file '409.ini' in folder 'LangPack'. When you are ready with this translation file please send it us - we will include it in further RSHUT PRO releases!

  • RSHUT PRO uses 5005 UDP port for communications. Please enable it in your firewall settings if RSHUT PRO does not work on your computers!

  • Need RSHUT PRO be Group Policy enabled? Add a special registry key "RegistryPath" under "HKLM/Software/RSHUT Pro" as "RegistryPath"="Software\\policies\\RSHUT Pro" (in the same way you just can create that key in registry.dup file in order it can be used by RSHUT PRO). This will mean that RSHUT PRO will read and write all settings in "Software\\policies\\RSHUT Pro" subpath in registry. Please notice double backslash in the path.

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