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RSHUT PRO works in this way:

It sends broadcast wake-up message to all computers in local network or to remote network (if specified network subnet mask in options).

It is necessary to know MAC address of destination PC in order to wake it up successfully.

Each time RSHUT PRO Client communicates (executes any action) with RSHUT PRO Server it send its MAC address that RSHUT PRO Server collects along with IP address and computer name (this can be turned off in options). Later RSHUT PRO Server uses this MAC to wake up this Client.

If you receive message "NO MAC ADDRESS" it mean RSHUT PRO Server does yet know MAC address of that Client. You can try to send any action to this Client so this will send it's MAC in turn or enter MAC adress manually via command line options.

If destination PC is located behind firewall or router and Wake-On-LAN does not work correctly it is necessary to enter destination network mask in RSHUT PRO Server settings ('Use broadcast Wake-On-LAN packets' option). Typical mask is but may differ depend on your network class or Virtual-LAN usage, please consult your network administrator.

Also you can setup different network mask for groups with corporate license.

Command line usage

You can specify MAC address of PC starting RSHUT PRO with command line options:

/mac:MAC_address - MAC address of PC you are sending Wake-On-LAN request. Upon execution RSHUT PRO will remember the MAC for this PC so later you can do Wake-On-LAN action without MAC.

Tip: You can get know MAC address of remote PC with "ipconfig.exe /all" command on that PC, MAC address will be displayed in the field "Physical Address" like this "00-50-56-AB-01-0A".

      rshutpro.exe /wol:"Comp1" /mac:005056ab010a
      rshutpro.exe /wol /start:"Comp1" /mac:005056ab010a
      Wake up "Comp1" PC over network. Here MAC address of "Comp1" is 005056ab010a.

What do I need to use Wake-On-LAN?

Make sure that:

  • ATX motherboard and network support and enabled Wake-On-LAN via jumpers, if any.
  • LAN Wakeup option must be enabled in BIOS Power Management.
  • "Network Card" Wakeup properties should be enabled in Windows Device Manager.

Network card properties in Windows

Online Wake-On-LAN Tool

You can try out our online Wake-On-LAN tool to wake up your computer over Internet from our web site.

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